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Bunny Sitting

Bunny Sitting Agreement 2019

If you decide to  use this file

Please print and bring in at the time of drop off. Otherwise we will have forms on hand ready for you to fill out in person.

Bunny BondingLeave your loved ones with someone you can trust. I have been caring for house rabbits for well over 20 years. While your rabbits are staying with me they will have a lovely time. I also do sitting for Chinchillas, Guinea Pigs, Rats, Mice and Hamsters.

Bunny Sitting is available every day of the year. You can call or email me to book your appointment. Long term sitting or one day sitting is available, and last minute drop offs are fine.

Living Area

Rabbits are in a large pen. You can bring your rabbits favorite toys, blankets or hidies. Your bun will come out for play time in a rabbit proofed room.

Litter Box

We put carefresh in the litter box and pile it full of hay.


Hay plays a very important part in a rabbits diet. We offer Timothy, Blend, Oat and Orchard and we have Alfalfa for the babies. Plus, any of our Herb Hays are available too.

Bunny Bonding


We carry Oxbow Bunny Basics T, Oxbow 15/23 and APD Timmy. We give them what is instructed by you. If your rabbit is on a different pellet we suggest you bring some with you.


A nice veggie salad is served made up of parsley, dandelion leaves and red or green leaf lettuce.


Our healthy line of treats is available if you would like your rabbit to have them. They are made up of organic flowers and herbs that we grow and are sun dried. Rabbits love them!

Toys & Chews

You may bring them with you, or you can purchase some from our large selection in our store. TLC Lots of this will be given. Even rabbits that don’t like to be held like company, even if its sitting, chatting and giving head strokes.


A full grooming is available during their stay. This includes getting all the loose hair off, trimming the nails, cleaning the scent glands, checking the front teeth, ears and eyes. We are also on the look out for anything unusual. Grooming is also available by appointment Monday through Saturday.


I know most people do not like to do this, so let me do it for you! Please call Caroline at (909) 631-9552 or 866 88BUNNY or you can email [email protected] for more information.